To Learn or Not To Learn

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There is one thing that can help you determine not only how your life will somewhat go, but also, the speed of your success. When I coach people, I’m amazed at the amount of resistance they have when it comes down to learning. I don’t mean the learning where someone is sitting there explaining things to you. I mean real learning, from another individual’s experience or your own. This type of learning says so much about yourself, that you might actually want to give it some attention. I’ve come to realize that those who don’t want to learn from other’s experience are a bit closed minded. If that’s you, then pay attention to this post.

I believe there are two main ways to learn effectively. Those are:

  1. Read books

No, I don’t mean text books from your college class. I mean read books written by those who have done it and succeeded, but most importantly, failed. Yes, learning from another person’s failure speeds up your road to success. It’s really quite simple why that’s the case. BECAUSE YOU DON’T MAKE THE MISTAKES YOURSELF! Depending on the setback, it can take months, even years, to recover. Don’t be closed minded. Be willing to see what others have to say and offer as advice. You will more than likely be thankful.

  1. APPLY what you learn

This is tied in with the first way I mentioned, but let me explain something. You can spend your life learning everything in the world, better yet, everything in one subject. If you don’t know how to apply what you learn, is there really a point in knowing it? This is the part that keeps people from success and you want to know what their biggest problem is? They don’t act. Just jump in the water with what you know and learn the rest along the way!

I hope this post helps. Be open minded and act. You’ll be amazed at how far those two little things will take you.

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