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This is a pretty big problem with all of the technology and social platforms we have readily available to us. All of these things aren’t the problem, it’s that we have become dependent on being entertained in a matter of seconds. Ask yourself, “Do I really give 100% of my attention to whatever it is that I’m doing? Or do I stop and check my phone every five minutes?” Let’s dive into this topic really quick and keep in mind, social media and technology aren’t the issue. Let me explain.

Why aren’t social media and technology the issue? Well, simply because they will be there whether they get your attention or not. You see, it’s your attention span and focus that is the problem. If that offends you then chances are you have the problem this topic focuses on. There are quick and simple fixes to this issue that we will speak about, but let me first tell you why you need to fix this problem.


Yes, that’s the main reason I brought this up. When you stop for a mere five minutes to answer a text or see who liked your picture you lose your train of thought. Your creative side just shuts down to worry about something that you can wait to see. Now, the quality of what your making (Or producing, whatever it may be) is worse than what it could be. Even if it’s one percent worse, it could still be better. You want to give the best product or service you can, so put that phone aside. Throw it in your yard for the hour you put in to your work, if you have to. Just FOCUS on your work, don’t half do it.

Now, let’s get into some very simple solutions to implement if you can’t control your attention:

  1. Put your phone on airplane mode.

Simple enough right? Then do it!

  1. Leave your phone in another room.

Kind of like the first option, but now you won’t be tempted to take it out of airplane mode.

  1. Get rid of the apps on your phone.

This is last resort, but it should solve the issue if the ones listed above don’t work out.

What’s better than all of this? Just stop yourself before grabbing that device. Focus on your work. It should be something you love to do, something you should want people to enjoy as well. So, give them what they deserve. YOUR BEST. I’ve had the problem before and it took some practice to get over…or maybe I found what I truly enjoy… Either way, give it your all. 100%!

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