Do You Have the Smarts to Succeed?

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I’ll put it very simple for you. Yes, you have the smarts to succeed. Thinking and worrying about if you are smart enough to succeed in this great world is just an excuse keeping you from taking action to reach your true potential. Believe me, if you can read this post you are more than smart enough to succeed. Even if you CAN’T read this post, you are still smart enough to succeed. There are many dyslexic individuals who are richer than Doctors and Attorneys.

Again, worrying about how smart you are is just another excuse to not act. There are some things you can do to get rid of the worry. We can start by not questioning your intelligence. Remember that there are many more attributes to a successful person than just being smart and being smart doesn’t guarantee success. Nothing guaranties success more than your mindset and courage to act. So, start by not worrying about your intelligence.

This kind of runs with the end of the last paragraph, but remind yourself that your mindset is more important than your intelligence. Belief that you can succeed will get your there quicker than knowledge will. When you have a mindset locked and focused on success, you become like an unstoppable machine. That’s why I really push you to stay positive through everything.

You also need to remember that your ability to think is more important than your actual knowledge or intelligence. I know many individuals who have college degrees and are not successful. Why is that? Well, if you don’t know how to apply what you learn, what’s the point of learning? How can you apply what you learn? By thinking. It’s something many people don’t do. People think that being able to memorize a lot of things proves intelligence, but it’s far from the truth. Learn whatever you want. Pick up a book, then THINK about the ways you can apply what you learn. Thinking is what creates one-of-a-kind products and companies.

Take all of this to heart and stop worrying about how smart you are. Worry about taking initiative. Push yourself to take that first step.

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