Ways to Make Money: Become A Real Estate Agent

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Sick of the 9 – 5 job? Ready to try something daring that holds a lot of potential, but no promises unless you put in work and commitment? That’s the world of being a Real Estate Agent. On this post for Ways to Make Money I’m going to recommend becoming a real estate agent. Before you decide to say no or yes, let me explain some more about this great profession.

Is being a Real Estate Agent worth it?

Considering the low startup cost and all the potential to make so much money, yes, it is definitely worth it. The thing is, being a Real Estate Agent isn’t a career you should pursue unless you actually enjoy helping other people AND you can’t be an introvert. To become truly successful, you need to be an extrovert, proactive. I’m not saying all of this just to say it. I am a Real Estate Agent.

What kind of money are we talking about?

The sky is the limit, but there are successful Real Estate Agents making well into the six figures after just five years. I’m currently finishing up my first year and it is amazing.

Why is it amazing?

One simple word…FREEDOM. Yes, that’s right. Being a Real Estate Agent you, yourself are the company. People go to you for YOU, your SERVICE. The same reason that makes it so great can be the same reason it’s a disaster for many people. There is no one to get you out of bed. There is no one to tell you to go to the office at seven in the morning to prepare to start making some calls and prospect. YOU are in control of your career AND your income. You don’t work? You don’t make money. The Real Estate Agent is one of the many entrepreneurs. Working in such a saturated market/industry you must truly be the best you can be and truly enjoy it to succeed. But believe me, you can succeed.

So, try it or not?

If you are comfortable with everything mentioned above then yes, try it. Pick up some books on communication and selling to start learning how to speak with people. (Visit my Let’s Talk Books page) Remember, this is a career to HELP people make one of the biggest decisions of their life. Helping someone find or sell a home has a lot of money involved. They rely on your expertise to get them through the process EFFECTIVELY. Try it, if it doesn’t work you can always try something else. Shout out to all the Real Estate Agents out there doing it right! Let me know in the comments below if you are thinking about becoming a Real Estate Agent!

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