Three Simple Ways to Save Money

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Saving money, or spending less of it, is something everyone should aim for as it helps you accumulate more to invest. When it comes to the ways to save money, not everyone wants to go through with them. In this post I’m going to provide three quick ways to save money. Again, you may not want to go through with them, but just give them a try. Worse comes to worst you just do it again.

  1. Change Your Phone Plan

This is one of those ways you may not be inclined to try, but hear me out. Do you have a plan that has unlimited everything? Or too much of something? Maybe you should look into the other plans your service provider has to offer. Phone lines add up, especially if you have a family. Even if you have a $50 plan that includes everything unlimited, if they have a plan for $30 that has the average amount of data, minutes, and texts you use it’s actually worth the change. That’s $20 dollars a month or $240 a year. If you don’t use the extra you are paying for, then it’s really not worth thinking about.

  1. See If Cable Television Is Really Worth It

This doesn’t mean get rid of cable. Cable has the best internet, but with all of the streaming services available for such a cheap price, do you really need that cable television? What I do is pay for the best, if not the second best, internet they provide. It’s extremely quick which allows you to do whatever it is that you need to do online, even with like seven people using WiFi at the same time! Also, look into Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. They are great streaming services that update with new shows and movies to watch every month. (I’m sure you all know that anyways) You can’t compare $200 for cable television (Not including internet) to $80 for 100 Mbps internet with Netflix. You are saving $120 a month or $1,440. Now things are starting to add up!

  1. Get rid of your Car Payment

This may be the toughest for most people, but it may be the one that is consuming the most of your money. Do you have a car payment? Is it $300 or $400 a month? Have you thought about turning it in for whatever they give you and getting a used car, paid in full, instead? Maybe they won’t give you enough to pay for the used car completely, just pay the extra $1,000 and you have a good reliable car. All you need is something that gets you from point A to point B until you actually make it. Then you can buy a new car in CASH! Car payments drain you. Even if it’s $200 a month, it amounts to $2,400 a year!

Now, with the three option above:

Save $30/month with Phone Service

Save $120/month with Cable Internet

Save $200/month with no Car Payment

It amounts to $350 a month! That’s $4,200 a year! That’s almost enough to start putting down for single family homes in real estate investing! These are moves you should start considering because they can turn the tides for you. Let me know in the comments below what you think or if you have any other ways of saving money! Let’s help each other out!

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