How to Climb the Corporate Ladder: Observe Your Superiors

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The title of this post puts you on edge doesn’t it? Your superiors. It sounds terrible and it’s good you feel that way. It tells me your not okay having someone above you, someone bossing you around. So what can you do about it?

Climb that high Corporate Ladder. Today’s post is about one of those steps and it’s “Observe Your Superiors.” Regardless of whether it hurts your ego or not, you need to accept they are above you. Why should you observe your superiors? Because they are steps ahead of you. Let’s pause a moment and go over what I mean by “observe.”

By observe I mean look at how they dress. How do they speak with customers or other employees? How do they carry themselves throughout the day? How do they handle the customers that put out a fight? Take notes on this.

How do they handle negatives? Under pressure, do they ask for help or do they handle it? It will more than likely be the latter. Nonetheless, whatever industry or department you are in, observe your supervisor and know that at the very LEAST you need to have the exact same traits and behaviors as that individual.

Are you satisfied taking that individuals place or do you want to climb even higher? If you said yes to climb higher then you need to be doing better than that individual. You know what they do, now you need to ask yourself how each of these things can be improved.

These traits and behaviors won’t be second nature to you over night. Changing for the better is a long process, but the rewards are great. Not very many people realize that a step on the ladder is at the same floor they work on. Your superiors are a great tool for climbing the ladder. Study them and at the LEAST mirror them. But whatever you do, don’t stop climbing.

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