How to Climb the Corporate Ladder: Take Ownership

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One of the steps on the Corporate Ladder – and it’s something to keep in mind for life as well – is to take ownership of what you do. ESPECIALLY the negative. This isn’t an easy task for many people because they are afraid to be seen in a negative light. The thing is, when you lie about the negative and blame someone else, you could not only jeopardize their career but when the truth  comes out, you more than likely won’t have yours.

I have a coworker who put the blame on the cleaning lady for something that was undoubtedly my coworkers fault. I won’t go into detail or name anyone out of respect. What ended up happening was that the cleaning lady was questioned and disciplined. By disciplined I don’t mean terminated, but she was asked to be more careful. “Oh, it’s not that big of a deal.” Some of you might say but let’s stop and think. If your boss randomly came in to your office and told you that there is enough agreement that you did something wrong – when you know you didn’t – and that the next time it happened you’d be terminated, how would you feel? You need to understand that many people depend on their jobs. Not many invest. So, when the 9-5 check stops coming, they are on their own. I want to stress the importance of investments but the topic here is to own up to your mistakes.

Hopefully many of you don’t have this problem. I have faith in my readers! But if it ever crosses your mind, just pause a moment and realize the damage you could cause. Owning up to your mistakes will actually make you look better than being right. Why? Because honesty is a more important trait. Especially in a leader.

So own up to your mistakes. Don’t be a baby and blame others. Take pride in making mistakes, that’s how you really grown as a person. And last but not least, don’t stop climbing.

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