Why Should You Be Unrealistic?

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Rarely does something crazy come from being realistic, and it’s no surprise. When you’re realistic you just do things you KNOW you can. But, if you want great success, you need to do things that you’re NOT sure you can. Being realistic doesn’t bring the fire you need to bring upon great success. You just take your time doing anything because you know you can do it. Let’s use and example.

Let’s say that your trying to start a business and you’ve become aware that books hold great knowledge and advice for your endeavor. Now, realistically speaking, you can read one book a month. Okay. But, you really need that knowledge to speed things up in your business. You can either be realistic and read one book a month and gain knowledge that way, or you can be unrealistic and read two, maybe even three books a month. Based on the example, if the same amount of work was put into the business in both scenarios, who do you believe will have more knowledge for the business in a year?

The unrealistic individual.

Now, this holds true for anything in life. Don’t be realistic. Do you wan’t to make $80,000 this year instead of $40,000? Then do it. It may seem unrealistic but being unrealistic causes you to do something you won’t do much of if you’re realistic, and that’s thinking. You will find a way to put in the time to read those two or three books or to make that extra $40,000. Even if that means washing cars or mowing grass.Your mind WILL start to get creative and you may be amazed at what you come up with.

Being realistic is the one sure way to end up average. Be unrealistic and think outside the box. It’s oneĀ  of the sure ways to reach your true level of success. If you’ve ran out of books check out my “Let’s Talk Books” page from the menu above. They are all books I have personally read and the page is constantly updated. Now go out and be UNREALISTIC.


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