How to Climb the Corporate Ladder: Arrive Early – Leave Late

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As I’ve said before, to climb the Corporate Ladder requires you to stand out against your coworkers. One way of doing that is to arrive at work early and leave late. It may not be the step you enjoy the most, but it is definitely a step nonetheless. Arriving to work early and leaving late shows you care about the company and your level of productivity. Managers are always looking for the most productive and effective employees.

One thing to keep in mind is that climbing the corporate ladder requires you to be the top employee in a department so that the only step above is management. You may not replace your manager, but you very well could be placed as manager in a different branch or store. Once you become manager, you climb to the top through executive positions. Also, once you become manager of sorts, your income should be much better than what it was. Which will be a great feeling!

Let’s talk a little more about arriving early and leaving late. It’s been said many times and it’s something I go by: If you’re not fifteen minutes early, you’re late. So, if fifteen minutes early is the latest you should arrive, then get there earlier than fifteen minutes. Something else you might want to consider is getting there before your manager. If you work at the headquarters, get there before the CEO. You will definitely get recognized. Just remember you do it for the company, not recognition. Some jobs don’t allow you to leave late. So just make sure you’ve done everything you can so that when you open the next day, it’s a smooth process. If you can stay late, then stay and put in the work. It’s better to be ahead than behind or “caught up.”

Remember the corporate ladder is a long one with many steps. Just follow the steps I’ve pointed out and you’ll be going up in no time. Treat the company as if it were your own!

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