Should I Get Rid of Negative People?

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Dream killers. That’s all negative people are and the best part is – they are everywhere. This may seem more of a rant, but it’s important. You need to be wary of these individuals and get them out of your life. If you aren’t able to do that, then at least make sure your career or goals are not a topic for conversation.

If you are thinking that you can handle it, I honestly wouldn’t even try, unless you have your goals complete. Any slight negative word and your mind just interprets the notion that your goal(s) really aren’t achievable, making your journey more difficult than it needs to be. What happens when the negative penetrates your ego or your mentality?

Well to start, the creative side of your brain will shut down. It will be as if the starter on your vehicle quit working. Why? With the negative thought on your mind, that’s all you’ll be thinking about. Then, when you finally get it to work and start being productive, you’ll start to think to yourself, “Are they right? Is this a waste of time?” Due to this, your work will be of poor quality. If it isn’t, it could be better. What is it you want? Do you want to own ten houses? Ten thousand apartments? Do it! Find a way! If there is something that I KNOW there is plenty of – it’s money. So fill your pockets!

Get rid of negative people. They aren’t worth the effort to keep around. You should NEVER believe that something is impossible in life. Everything is possible. It just takes someone with courage and commitment to make it happen.

So, focus on you and do what you have to do, so that you can have the life you ACTUALLY want to have. Time is scarce and life is too short to not pursue your dreams and goals. I’m here to help if you let me. So go out and make them a reality.

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