How to Climb the Corporate Ladder: Dress for Success

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Do you hate wearing a tie? How about a suit? Well, what if I told you that dressing professionally is one of those steps on the corporate ladder? Are you willing to do it? I’m not talking about the average dress code in whatever industry you are part of. I mean go above and beyond that so you stand out compared to your colleagues. Let’s go over some examples.

Does your employer require at least a polo shirt?

Then wear a button-up.

Does your employer require at least a button-up?

Then wear a tie and-maybe- even a blazer of sorts.

Do you catch on to what I’m trying to say? My employer requires option two and no tie. Still to this day I dress in a full suit with a tie. Every. Single. Day. Fridays are reserved for business casual. I still wear a suit. Why? I’m not trying to be average and you aren’t either or you wouldn’t be reading this blog. Leave those rules for the average employee.

Dress as if the company were yours. Give it a good reputation by dressing like a professional. You never know when it will pay off. Like what happened to me long ago: A customer came in and I could tell he was just watching me. When I called for his turn, I helped him and we spoke a little when he mentioned how well dressed I was compared to my colleagues. I thanked him and told him I dress this way to represent the company. He said he would put in a good word to the CEO. I asked if he knew him, low and behold he called his name out and said they are family friends. He kept his word and told the CEO who reached out and thanked me.

What does that do? Now the CEO knows I go an extra distance for the company. Believe me, it gets hot wearing a blazer all day. Put in the work and dedication. It will get recognized and it will pay off. Let me know in the comments below if you plan or already do, Dress for Success.

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