How to Climb the Corporate Ladder: Befriend Your Coworkers

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Being on your coworker’s good side is a VERY important step of the corporate ladder. Think of it as being a celebrity. A celebrity nobody likes won’t get very far in Hollywood, but those celebrities with a fan base, those that are loved by many, will go far.

Why? It’s pretty much guaranteed revenue for whichever show or movie they are part of. Now, from a corporate perspective that revenue is employee loyalty. If all of your coworkers are your “fans”or they love working with you, then when you make it to the top it will continue to be that way. You may even have more loyalty than the last CEO had.

Another great benefit of befriending your coworkers is that they will help you in whatever way they can. That can be filling in to finish some paperwork you haven’t had time to finish or looking out for that next position or person that can get you to the top. You may be questioning if that would actually be the case or not, but you’d be amazed at the amount of employees that don’t want to be a CEO or in a management position. Some may even help you get there because they believe you have more potential than they do, so they are hoping, when you make it, you put them in a better position.

I know there are a lot of books that advocate being some hard, tough figure, but that isn’t really the case. As the saying goes, “You catch more flies with honey” and believe me, that saying wasn’t made by coincidence.

Being a tough figure won’t really blend well in the customer service area. So, let loose. Learn to communicate and make friends. I assure it will not only make you a happier person, but it will accelerate your journey to the top. As Walt Disney once said, “It takes people to make a dream a reality.”

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