How to Reach My Full Potential?

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Reaching your full potential is a key to riches. But reaching your full potential is a demanding task. Very few individuals reach their full potential because they lack an important trait, which is to commit.

Some of you may believe that you have committed to whichever business endeavor you are after, but take a second to be completely honest with yourself. Are you really as committed as you could be?

Questions like these can be difficult to answer, but you NEED to be honest with yourself because it is more than likely damaging your productivity. Are you giving all of the time you have to give to your goal? Or are you going out for two hours when you don’t really need to? Are you going to your friends house when you could be making that phone call for the potential sale?¬†Are you playing video games or watching television when you could be reading a book that will help you reach your goal quicker?

These are things you really need to think about. If you are relying on your friend or family or significant other to set you back on track when you temporarily lose sight of your goal, you have a big problem.

You need to be so committed to your goal that others beg for your attention. That may sound harsh but you need to remember, your friend isn’t going to pay your bills or give you the money you need for that vacation you promised you’d take your family next year.

Be committed to your goal. Know everything about it. Know what you don’t know and go learn it. Your goal should be something you put in all the time you possibly can towards. Time is scarce, so use it wisely. I believe it’s better to sacrifice time now and enjoy it later than to enjoy it now and suffer later. So when you get home from work today, think about the most productive thing you could be doing and do it. Nobody else will.





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