How to Climb the Corporate Ladder: Make it Known

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Climbing the corporate ladder can be a long and tedious process, but there are things you can do to speed it up.

One action you can take, which will be the topic of this post, is “Make sure the company knows what your goal is.” This may seem counter intuitive because your competition will know what you are up to. You have to remember though, it’s all business.

Business entails competition either from an employee perspective or owning your own company. You need to embrace competition as an employee or you may end up defeated.

Now, you need to make sure they know your ambitions since the beginning. Great companies are always looking for employees that want to grow WITH the company. If you can make it known in the first interview, then even better.

Telling the right people is just as important. Your supervisor should know what your goals are. The majority of employees will more than likely help you get to the top, but you need to show them you have what it takes. Not just the drive and dedication, but the personality to potentially lead them one day.

Making it known will get your coworkers, including your supervisor, to look out for positions or events that can move you up while you take on this difficult endeavor.

You can’t be afraid to let other people know what you want. You need to show confidence, which is a trait every leader has.

If your coworkers know what you are after, one of three outcomes are likely to occur. They will either:

  1. Help you
  2. Harm you
  3. Step aside

Two out of three of these outcomes are positive. (Help you and Step aside) That’s a 66.6% chance it will turn out in your favor. Those are odds I’m willing to take and they have helped me out more so than they have harmed me, so far. Have confidence in your abilities and your goals. Go out there and make the right moves.



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